About Us

Executive Director

Dr. Darrell Smith has lived and worked in developing countries for over 15 years, roughly half of his working career. Darrell has advanced degrees in aquatic/wetland ecology, water quality/aquaculture, and cross-cultural ministry. He has worked as a field ecologist with the government, as a private environmental consultant, and for various humanitarian organizations, while also being responsible for agriculture- and water-related development projects.

Darrell's time spent observing and studying nature has made him acutely aware how countless people in the developing world suffer from an inhospitable environment where they live – often through the excesses of others – but without the resources they need to improve their condition. These observations, as well as Darrell's commitment to follow Jesus' example of ministry, have given him a passion to find solutions to environmental challenges on behalf of the poor, marginalized, and powerless. Serving as Executive Director and Senior Environmental Scientist of Global Environmental Relief, he works with groups around the world to find proactive ways to address problems before they become emergencies.

While serving overseas with Darrell, his wife, Kathy, was instrumental in starting a free kindergarten for children from one of the poorest parts of the city where they lived. By providing these children with reliable nutrition and a good head-start, they were given a chance to excel in school and break the cycle of poverty. The Smiths reside in West Virginia.

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Board of Directors

Teresa Adams

Teresa is a teacher at Bright Elementary in Frisco, Texas. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Ouachita Baptist University and over 20 years of experience as an educator, Teresa provides input and oversight for the educational areas of our programs. She is also extremely concerned about the needs, physically and emotionally, of the poor and neglected.

Robert Mason

Rob holds a Master of Music degree from the University of Louisville, although his current capacity is as an Air Traffic Control Specialist with the Federal Aviation Administration. He also acts as Moderator for Haven Fellowship Church in Conyers, Georgia. Rob's attention to detail and familiarity with federal rules and regulations are an asset to the organization, as well as his knowledge of problems resulting from weather-related emergency issues and general disaster preparedness.

Joe LaGuardia

Joe serves as pastor of First Baptist Church, Vero Beach, Florida. He holds degrees from Palm Beach Atlantic University and Mercer University. His personal mission is to practice God-centered hospitality, Christ-conforming discipleship, and Spirit-inspiring ministry in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Joe writes on subjects related to theology, ethics, and spirituality for EthicsDaily.com and a variety of other publications, including Christian Ethics Today and Desert Call journal for spirituality. Read his work online at www.baptistspirituality.wordpress.com. Joe is the newest member of our Board.

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