What We Do

Although a few humanitarian organizations are beginning to understand the need to take a proactive, scientific approach to address environmental issues affecting those least able to help themselves, many if not most organizations are still simply responding to disasters as they occur. Our organization's goal is to work together with affected groups to find solutions to environmental problems before they become emergencies, since considerable public and private funds are used to respond to disasters which often could have been prevented with a little forethought.

The specific activities we undertake include:

  • Research into important worldwide environmental challenges and possible solutions;
  • Provision of consulting and troubleshooting expertise to help proactively address real-world environmental concerns;
  • Dialoguing with individuals and groups about important environmental issues, such as climate disruption;
  • Solicitation and evaluation of grant proposals;
  • Provision of disaster relief funds, goods, and services;
  • Cooperation with other tax-exempt organizations and governments;
  • Conducting educational workshops;
  • Planning, implementation, and management of projects;
  • Recruitment and matching of volunteers to specific needs.

Our work is focused on the developing world; however, there may be instances where projects in the developed portions of the globe (including the United States) may demand our assistance. In every case, the motivation for what we do is the example set by Jesus, to work with those who lack adequate resources to address the challenges they face. We provide services to all, not discriminating on the basis of race, ethnic origin, religion, or sexual orientation. We also supply consulting expertise and grant funds to the maximum extent possible, commensurate with organizational and budgetary constraints and in accordance with our mission and tax-exempt purpose.

See a brochure about our organization.